Nairn, Findhorn, Culbin and Roseisle Forests

Three nights wild camping and exploring the Culbin and Roseisle Forests from Nairn, Moray. Route through Forres, Kinloss and Findhorn.

We parked the car by the river at Nairn and set off for several nights along the Moray coast forests. Walking through the large static caravan site you soon come to the edge of the Culbin Forest by Ministers Pool. We were late arriving so held the path to the edge of the forest alongside The Bar, a huge elongated network of dunes. This was the start of May and it had been dry – almost every water source in the forest was also dry. Finally found a source at Loch Loy and headed back to the coast for the night.

The next morning we headed up to the exit at Cloddymoss and followed the local Forres paths by Wellhead Farm and Broom of Moy to the Findhorn River. There simply isn’t a great walking route around the Findhorn Bay so it’s a few miles along a minor road to Kinloss and Findhorn.

Breaking over the dunes at Findhorn you see Burghead Bay which is a spectacular expanse of sand and breaking waves. The Roseisle Forest hugs the shore and a mile or so before Burghead set upon an idyllic pitch for the night.

The next morning the weather turned. It was a slog back to Findhorn Village through driving rain and then back to Forres. We went straight for Buckie Loch, the one place in the forest I had wanted to try before the trip.

From the pictures taken the next morning, you can see it’s spectacular. And the next day was wonderful hot sunshine. Inca was that grumpy she hadn’t even noticed the sea the previous night, and it was hard to keep her out of it afterwards.

The tide was receding and it looked like we could get round to Findhorn Bay – you can, but only just at low tide. On the way we came across a colony of a couple of hundred seals. Inca bounced off to play before I noticed, and by the time she came back they were all at sea.

The beach rejoins the Culbin Forest opposite The Ee in Findhorn Village. It’s a beautiful spot and would make a great camp.

Time to head back through the forest towards Nairn. Water was a real issue – we hadn’t taken enough and all bar the major burns were dry – the gravel ponds are really the only option inside the forest unless you head up towards Cloddymoss.

I’d spent a lot of time trying to work out good wild camping spots in the forest. There are countless, wherever you are you’ll come across something in a few minutes. Those by the sea are stunning.

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