Medal Syncing

I have no idea if “medal syncing” is a term, it’s something that sync nerds too – and bizarrely this is one thing that Google doesn’t help with. This is about Turf and achieving multiple medals on the same take (at the same time). Stay with this, especially if you are interested in a Crowdy and Ghost Minute medal together.

It all started with someone suggesting you could claim a Crowdy-1 as your first medal on your first take. I don’t know if it has been done before, but it has now. To get it your first take must be an assist. Welcome to Turf Artful’s friend, “Crackers“.

To add to this achievement Crackers followed up with a Crowdy-2 on their second take.

Whilst the chat moved to how long you could keep getting a new medal on every take, Crackers drifted towards getting medals together.

As ever in Turf, things move at pace. That first evening Crackers met féarglas who offered to show them around the city! Medals aplenty – Assist-5, Take-5 (which Crackers noticed happened on their 6th take), Take-10, Unique 15, Greed-5, an Eager Squirrel and many new ranks all on the first day!

The next morning Crackers went to Stirling. Medals and moving up ranking continued and then – the first medals together – as they reached Take-50 and 50 Uniques at the same time. On they went, finally reaching the castle and found themselves awarded three medals at the same time!

Some of you will have noticed that the medals were awarded in the opposite order especially if you slow it right down at 31s. So the first was Take-100, followed by 100 Unique and then the Staminator.

This got them thinking. Much discussion followed. How many medals could Crackers achieve at the same time? They reckon these are the options:

  • Take n
  • n Unique
  • Diversier series
  • Restless / Insomniac or Ninja Series
  • Eager series
  • Stamina series
  • Orderly III or Bridge series or Ghost minute

And with others helping:

  • Assist n
  • Crowdy n

And with very careful planning, a Greed medal, but would prevent the Assist medal.

So by themselves, Crackers could manage a 7 medal sync, 8 or 9 with help.

Crackers is one of those folks who likes to go out on a high, or with a bang if you prefer. They would like to get their medal sync by the end of the current round (August 2021) so their friends can concentrate on the competition in September.

If you see them out and about do say hello. As they want to sync their uniques, takes and round uniques they won’t be retaking any zones and you are very welcome to follow behind.

The last zone will be very special. It will be a crowdy at Greyfriars (near the Meadows). It will happen precisely between midnight and 12.01am on 29th August (Saturday evening / Sunday morning). If you don’t have the Ghost Minute medal this is a rare chance for you to get it as part of a crowdy. If you have the Ghost Minute medal already, you could come along for the crowdy and be part of Cracker’s unique and historic Turf event.

Crackers will try for an Eager Weasel medal as part of the sync. The planned route starting at 11:47pm will be HillGate, RoyalMile, StGiles, HunterSquare, PleasanceCut, DeaconessZone, MiniGarden, Nicolsonpark, Hogwarts and then Greyfriars. Don’t panic if you are near Greyfriars and see Crackers whizzing past on their way to Hogwarts!

Whilst of course people can play the game any way they wish, Crackers will very politely ask people not to take these zones from around 11pm on the evening and invite everyone to the crowdy instead. If you are joining the crowdy please don’t take zones from 11.15pm in the area, and make sure you are not accidentally in the zone with your GPS on!

If it works, the medal sync will be Take 500, 500 Unique, Diversier, Restless, Eager Weasel, El Staminatore, Ghost Minute, Assist n and a Crowdy n.

Doing the Greed medal instead would be very challenging and needs a good amount of luck, so we’ll leave that for another attempt.

Crackers is looking forward to Turf retirement, and hopes they haven’t started something.

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