Medal Sync August 2021 – Success!

With just 4 seconds to spare, Anbhanrían (Féarglas), Wintergreen, CSL and Crackers (Artful) completed a crowdy this morning at Greyfriars and the challenge was successful.

Anbhanrían synced 6 medals, and Crackers 7. This is believed to be the most medals ever synced in Turf by individual players!

From left to right: CSL, Crackers (Artful), Anbhanrían (Féarglas) and Wintergreen

At the start of the day Crackers needed 200 zones (including 18 assists) and Anbhanrían 99 (including 46 assists) in order to have a chance at syncing up to 8 medals.

One of the Edinburgh turfers came out to assist Crackers take 48 zones around Livingston in the morning, leaving 152 to be taken later in the day. Because we wanted to take the Restless medal we had a break between 12pm and 1pm but then had to take at least one zone every hour until the end.

Crackers (Artful) at Almondell Viaduct
Crackers (Artful) at Almondell Viaduct
Cracker's bike at LongDalmahoy
Cracker’s bike at LongDalmahoy

Crackers met Anbhanrían at BoatCanal around 4pm. Much strategy was discussed and they started to realise that careful planning was needed so as to be ready for the final ten zones starting at Edinburgh Castle at 11:46pm.

The afternoon saw zones taken across North Edinburgh, Restalrig before they headed out to Portobello for a very pleasant cycle along the seafront as it was getting dark.

Crackers thinking that everything’s going to be alright
Anbhanrían at Portobello
Crackers at Portobello
Crackers at Portobello
Anbhanrían (Féarglas)and Crackers (Artful) at Portobello
Anbhanrían (Féarglas)and Crackers (Artful) at Portobello

As they turfed through Bingham, Anbhanrían arrived at exactly 240 zones and 40 assists and reverted back to Féarglas to support Crackers to take their final 8 zones. At almost exactly 11:30pm Crackers took their final zone at GrangeCourt and they both headed to the castle, arriving with a comfortable 5 minutes to spare.

There are many words to describe the final 14 minutes and 34 seconds: exhilarating, fast and furious, near disaster (twice), mayhem and fun would all work! A lot of shouting, mostly “I’m in”, “I’m not in”, “it’s taken”, “let’s go!”.

At precisely 11:46pm CSL moved into HillGate followed by Anbhanrían and Crackers. 22 seconds later the zone was taken and they charged down the Castle Esplanade towards RoyalMile. Crackers found it much easier to see the cobbles when they switched their light on.

Medal Sync August 21 - HillGate
Medal Sync August 2021 – HillGate

A brief stop at RoyalMile and on to StGiles. The traffic lights changed just as we arrived and the zone was quickly taken. On down the busy Royal Mile past the bars and cafes and right into HunterSquare where a lot of singing was going on.

Medal Sync August 21 - HunterSquare
Medal Sync August 2021 – HunterSquare

Now a ride along South Bridge towards the PleasanceCut. Nearly three precious minutes before we were huddled in the alleyway listening to the reassuring “zone taken”. DeaconessZone a minute later and then Anbhanrían and CSL boldly followed Crackers weave through the buildings to MiniGarden. Seven zones in ten minutes. This was looking on.

Up to Nicolsonpark. Some dodgy GPS, a zone taken and Crackers shouted “let’s go” and hurtled up towards the Pleasance. Just in time CSL realised that Anbhanrían’s GPS had dropped out and she hadn’t assisted on the zone. Disaster! As they followed Crackers, CSL realised that MiddleMeadow might just be possible and bring Anbhanrían’s chase back on track. Very risky – one of the worst places in Edinburgh to get a GPS signal and no time to lose – but it worked perfectly.

Medal Sync August 21 - Anbhanrían loses GPS
Medal Sync August 2021 – Anbhanrían loses GPS

Now things were really close. Crackers turned into Greyfriars to see crowds of people blocking the gate looking for ghosts. Nothing for it but to shout out and they moved enough for the three turfers to tear up to Hogwarts. Zone taken at 20 seconds past midnight. The Restless Medal couldn’t be synced now as it was awarded on this zone. The rest were on though and 40 seconds to get there.

Finally they got to the front of Greyfriars Church and Wintergreen stepped in at the last minute to make the crowdy. Zone taken! Four seconds later the ghost minute was over. They had done it at 00:00 and 56 seconds!

Medal Sync August 21 - Greyfriars
Medal Sync August 2021 – Greyfriars

The two minute video below shows a fast forward of those last 16 minutes. At the end you’ll see only four medals displayed – we think that this is probably a limitation of the app.

Artful carefully checked the medals log from the Turf API and this confirms that Anbhanrían earned 6 medals and Crackers 7 at the same time at the same take. We think this is a world Turf record!

The order of medals was:

1Crackers500 Unique
2CrackersEager Weasel
3Anbhanrían250 Unique
5CrackersGhost Minute
6CrackersEl Staminatore
9AnbhanríanGhost Minute
10AnbhanríanEager Weasel
11CrackersAssist 100
13AnbhanríanAssist 50

You’ll see that Crackers doesn’t have a Take 500 medal despite having completed 500 takes. Crackers thinks they’ll get this on their next take (which will be their 501st). But so far they haven’t decided what their next challenge will be.

The final act of the evening was the presentations and Féarglas was delighted to award Crackers the Ghost Duck. A huge thank you to Anbhanrían, Wintergreen and CSL for their help.

Crackers is awarded the Ghost Duck

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