Cravadale from Abhainn Suidhe, Harris

Bivvy at Cravadale walking in from Abhainn Suidhe and Glen Cravadale on North Harris

This is a 10 mile round trip from Abhainn Suidhe to the old shielings at Cravadale. It can be easily done as a day hike, but better still is a magical place to spend the night.

There are a few places to park off the road just before the entrance to the Abhainn Suidhe estate. Take the Glen Uladail track for around half a mile until you reach Loch Leosaid on your right. If you’re looking at the OS maps you’ll be expecting a path across the bog at Strath Leosaid. It doesn’t exist until the climb up into Glen Leosaid at which point it is a good walking track until Glen Cravadale. Head for the old shielings printed on the OS map at NB053093 at which point the path ahead becomes clear and follows that on the map. The drop into Glen Cravadale is steep and spectacular. Once by Loch a’Ghlinne pick the north or south bank to walk out to the head of the loch. The southern bank is slightly easier.

Beach at Loch Crabhadail

The beach at Cravadale is one of the most delightful spots on Harris and you are likely to have it all to yourself. You can make the journey circular by picking up the cliff path at Greascleit, across to Huisinish and then a four mile walk along the road back to the estate.

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