I’m David Parker and thanks for dropping by.

I like to explore wild places, mostly in Scotland. I’m lucky. I live near Edinburgh and get regular opportunities to venture out and about. This website is about some of those adventures. The rest of the time I’m a full time nurse working in the NHS.

If you want to get in touch about anything I’ve written, use the comments. If you want a reply my contact form is here, but please note I can be slow to answer.

All of my work on this site is in the public domain. If you like a picture please use it. To download the full size, click the link that’s at the bottom of the picture details shown when you view it full size.

And I should mention Inca, my dog. She’s a very happy camper and gradually moving into her senior years. Here’s a picture of her in 2016 when this gallery was still running on Harris.

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